CONFERENCE: Cooperation and Conflict in the Family

First Announcement

Nearby Coogee Beach is perfect in February.

The Cooperation and Conflict in the Family conference will be held at UNSW in Sydney, Australia from February 2-5 2014.

We will bring together leading economic and evolutionary researchers to explore the nature of conflict and cooperation between the sexes in the areas of marriage, mating and fertility.

The conference provides an opportunity for researchers to discuss the economic and evolutionary biology approaches to these issues, explore common ground and identify collaborative opportunities. Areas of interest include:

  • Conflict in mating: How does conflict between the reproductive interests of men and women affect mating markets and sexual strategies?
  • Fertility: How is the fertility decision made in marriage? What are the trade-offs between quality and quantity of children? What factors are behind the demographic transition and low fertility of the modern era?
  • Investment: How do the competing interests of men and women affect parenting behaviour, work and household decisions?

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