Volunteer information and signup

Volunteer information and signup

We are seeking:

  • Heterosexual couples who have been in a heterosexual relationship for three months or more. And
  • Women and men who are interested in heterosexual relationships but who are currently single.

All participants must be able to attend our lab at UNSW’s Kensington campus. Couples need not attend at the same time.

What we need participants to do:

  • Complete attractiveness ratings of faces and bodies.
  • Fill in surveys regarding your relationship satisfaction, sexual history and sexual orientation.
  • Allow bodily measurements of the waist, hips, height, weight and grip strength to be taken.
  • Pose for photographs of the face and body (fully clothed).

All these measures will be taken by a researcher who is the same sex as you.

How long will it take? 30 to 45 minutes.

Remuneration/reward: Each participant will be paid $20 after completing the study.

UNSW Ethics Clearance Number: 1822

Volunteering as a subject in our research

Please fill in the form below and we will make contact to discuss a time for you to come in and help us with our research.
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