Wealth, women and song: Great review from Clio Cresswell in the ALR

Literary Review
01 Jun 2011
The Australian Literary Review published this great full-page review. It’s a cracker. Mathematician and author Clio Cresswell admits some resistance to reviewing another book about evolution and human behaviour. However, it seems she was pleasantly surprised:

“In Sex, Genes & Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rob Brooks advances more sophisticated theories of the way evolution has shaped and is still shaping contemporary society……. Brooks lays bare the complex weave between our genes, the environment, our bodies and our cultures. He delivers the most subtle of arguments in the style of an easy sunday afternoon read.”

Click the image od follow this link to view the review in Australian Literary Review digital edition. Alternatively, you can see the review here in text-only form.

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Rob Brooks

I am an evolutionary biologist who thinks about sex for a living. Things I have thought and written about include the evolution of mate choice, the costs of being attractive, the reason animals age and the links between sex, diet, obesity and death. Follow @Brooks_Rob on Twitter.

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