Dissecting Gender – Workshop at Melbourne Writer’s Festival

Rob is appearing at a workshop on Dissecting Gender as part of the 2011 Melbourne Writer’s Festival, on Sunday 28 August, 4-5pm. The other panellists are Jane McCredie and Cordelia Fine, and the session is to be moderated by Monica Dux.

The Event description says: Join Jane McCredie, Rob Brooks, Cordelia Fine and Monica Dux to consider the scientific evidence for there being differences between the male and female brain, how differences arise, how gender difference informs our culture, and whether it’s actually possible to get to the bottom of these questions.
The event is being filmed by the ABC’s Big Ideas program.
I believe I have two complementary tickets to the session, and I’m happy to give these to any Melbourne-based readers who are keen to come and be part of this event.

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Rob Brooks

I am an evolutionary biologist who thinks about sex for a living. Things I have thought and written about include the evolution of mate choice, the costs of being attractive, the reason animals age and the links between sex, diet, obesity and death. Follow @Brooks_Rob on Twitter.

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