Hot Seat Panel Discussion. Modern Families: Does Anything Go?

ABC-TV’s Big Ideas program, UNSWTV, the RiAus and the UNSW Faculty of Science are presenting the following panel discussion on Wednesday 14 September in the Ritchie Theatre, Scientia Building at UNSW.


Modern technology is rearranging the possibilities for families and relationships. We can fertilise eggs in-vitro and buy sperm over the internet. People can have sex without any danger of having babies, and have babies without having sex. Families can have a mum and dad, or one or the other, or two mums, or two dads.

In thei Hot Seat event, we ask what the “natural” family looks like, and how that should affect the family arrangements we recognise. We also ask what happens when a whole generation starts having children in non-traditional family units. How will the next generation of children turn out? What does it mean for the future of our society and our species.


Seating is limited, so RSVP is essential. Go to to register and pre-submit questions.

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Rob Brooks

I am an evolutionary biologist who thinks about sex for a living. Things I have thought and written about include the evolution of mate choice, the costs of being attractive, the reason animals age and the links between sex, diet, obesity and death. Follow @Brooks_Rob on Twitter.

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