Great news from the ARC

SEX LAB member Dr Michael Kasumovic has been awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award by the Australian Research Council for a project entitled Re-evaluating evolution by examining developmental plasticity in response to the social environment. This comes two weeks after Mike won a Discovery Grant for a project on crickets.

In addition, Dr Angela Crean from the Bonduriansky Lab at UNSW was awarded a DECRA for her project  More than meets the egg: environmental effects on sperm quality, sperm competitive success, and offspring fitness, and Dr Christopher Turbill (now of University of Western Sydney) won a DECRA to work at UNSW on a project called Oxidative stress as a physiological constraint on the pace of life histories.

DECRA grants provide three years’ salary plus $40,000 per year in research funding. It is fabulous to know we have Mike and Angela here for the forseeable future, and we are hoping to continue to build our associationw ith Chris.



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