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Original cover for the Australian/NZ edition.

Like many of you, I’ve been doing a bit of Christmas shopping. I forgot how depressing the obnoxious crowds, the artless carols and the sheer tedium of shops tends to get me down. But worst of all, there seems to be plenty of crap and not much of substance out there for folks wanting to give a thoughtful gift. Which is why I’m here to remind you that Sex, Genes & Rock ‘n’ Roll would make a wonderful gift for anybody who is a) literate and b) curious about our world. That’s a pretty big target market.

If you want to buy a friend or loved one a copy, then here are some of your options:

  1. Check the real-time prices on booko.com and get the best deal at this very minute.
  2. Buy straight from the publisher, NewSouth Books (follow this link and you get a 20 percent discount from Au$34.95 to Au$27.96)
  3. Get the iBook in Apple’s iTunes Store
  4. Gift them the Kindle eBook at Amazon.com orAmazon.co.uk
  5. If you can make it in to UNSW, I have a few copies to sell at RRP. The good part is I can sign these copies for you. Contact me via the book’s Facebook page – and make sure you “Like” the page to keep getting updates.
  6. If you live in north America, you may find options 2-5 not open to you. That’s because University press of New England is publishing S,G & R in March 2012. Visit their website or Amazon.com for the chance to pre-order.
In the mean time, good luck with your shopping. Watch this space for my latest rant about Christmas carols and the death of art – due out in the next couple of days.


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I am an evolutionary biologist who thinks about sex for a living. Things I have thought and written about include the evolution of mate choice, the costs of being attractive, the reason animals age and the links between sex, diet, obesity and death. Follow @Brooks_Rob on Twitter.

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